Safe Travels

Lord, I come to you today with an open heart and open mind in love, peace, thanksgiving for who you are, what you’ve done, and what I know you will do.

Thank you for your calling of parenthood, your issuance of family togetherness, and your commands as they relate to financial security. It is because of these three things that those who are traveling are able to embark on journeys that create memories, facilitate family bonding, and grant the opportunity for rest.

I ask for your covering and protection for all who are traveling and for the gift of this time they have with the people they love the most.

Let the highways be accident and traffic-free, the airports full of on-time flights, seamless walks through security, short lines, and most definitely without danger and threat as they celebrate this time together.

Lord watch over them and allow them to feel your presence and covering on anything they encounter, and even give them the opportunity for quiet and individual time to abide in you.

At the end of their trip, I ask that you bring them home safely, feeling refreshed and absolutely committed to the tasks that lie ahead in honoring you and Your kingdom.

We ask all of these things knowing you can do them and exceedingly and abundantly more, according to your will and we stand on the promise of who you are and the love you have for your people.

In the name of your son Jesus, we pray, Amen.

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