Sexual Purity

Dear Lord,

In your infinite wisdom and forgiving ways, I approach your throne of grace with humility, transparency, and a heart of confession.

Knowing that You know everything and see everything I don’t want to attempt to hide this from You any longer.

I am here to confess my sin of lust.

Lord it is embarrassing. I feel ashamed. It exposes me for who I am – a sinner. Thank you for being the kind of God who can love me regardless of my thoughts and actions and thank you for drawing nearer to me despite what I do to satisfy my flesh.

Thank you for keeping me safe, giving me righteous and sexually pure friends, and redeeming me through your son Jesus Christ. I know that in Your Word grace abounds and this confession does not cure me, but it does put my total reliance in You.

I know that what the temporary feeling I am searching for is not with You. For in You and You alone resides the true love I am looking for with the man you have created specifically for me. Until You reveal the person and the purpose, I will wait in Your arms and rest in Your purity.

Instead of the orgasmic release and the fantasies involving others, I crave you. Please Help me Lord when I’m weak, tired, and overwhelmed for we know that the enemy strikes me the most then and I want to overcome his evil with Your good in my life.

In this, I stand on Your word and Your promise for hope and healing. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. 

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