Homeschooling 4.0 : Just The Girls

This year, homeschooling is different for us because CJ is away in college.

One of the hardest struggles I’ve had in my parenting has been on the homeschooling journey. Homeschooling itself can be challenging with the lesson plans, the state requirements, and the college readiness factor, but for me the challenge was none of that.

It was in the decision to actually do it.

A decision that I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to for years and I never listened.

Until I had no other choice. 

This year we are homeschooling 10th and 12th grades, and the word of God is all over it. Max Lucado is one of our favorite authors.

I started homeschooling the kids one at a time, and slowly transitioned the other two into the mix. The initial reasons were medical in nature, but when learning disabilities and emotional health became a concern in traditional school environments, it became evident this was the best option for us. We take each year one at a time and are constantly weighing the advantages and disadvantages of homeschool. One of the things I enjoy the most is that the girls, my ex-husband, and I are all active participants in the journey.

The 2018-19 academic year has officially been in session for one week, and so far so good. The girls feel empowered, the learning never stops, and literary assignments combine biblical truths and spiritual principles.

And for both girls, 12th grade and 10th grade require a large amount of hope. Unshakable Hope.

Max Lucado’s Student Edition of the “Unshakable Hope Promise Book” is one of our textbooks.

Let’s not be naive here. It takes a lot of hope for the mama too. So as the girls read the student edition of Unshakable Hope, I read the adult edition. All three of us need the reminder that this book brings when we are frustrated with life issues, love issues (those are more real this year than ever before), and the lurking empty nest (maybe that one is more for me than them.)

God’s promises are real y’all. And this book puts it clearly. His promises are for you, your family, your friends, your church…and your enemies. He promises to provide us with everything we need in life. Especially to face challenges.

I have never claimed to be a homeschooling expert. This year, I do have lesson plans…but remember, we’re only one week in and I think I had them at this point last year too. The one thing I know for sure is that our journey is God-ordained and God-orchestrated. That alone gives me the confidence that we are doing it right. And if I have doubts, I read Unshakable Hope a little bit more.

To buy the Unshakable Hope Promise Book Student Edition, click here. The book is $9.99 instead of the regularly-priced $15.99 using this link. To buy the regular edition for adults, click here.

I’m curious, are you dealing with anything in your life that you need unshakable hope for?

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