Who I Am, What I Believe, & How I Roll

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  • Kindness is not random, it is intentional. I discovered that when I would perform random acts of kindness for people at Starbuck’s, but I couldn’t be kind to those who I claimed to love the most. There’s more about that here.
  • If you woke up this morning, there is a solution. Marie Forleo’s saying is that everything is figure-out-able. It really is, y’all. When you can’t find a way, you tap into God and trust Him to reveal to you the way.
  • Jesus is important to me. He’s my everything. End of story. Which, really isn’t an end because He guarantees us life everlasting.
  • Living with intention is the only way to live. I feel so strongly about that, I wrote a book about it.
  • I’m here to leave the world in a better condition than which I found it. I believe you are too.
  • If God says do it, I do it. Conversely, if He says don’t do it, then I don’t. If He says stay the same, then I stay the same.
  • I am passionate, extra, energetic, and a little bit ratchet. My goal in my writing is that all of that is evident. This post can give you a glimpse into my hip-hop lifestyle.
  • I’m not a jerk whisperer. I don’t tolerate mean, rude, selfish, and egotistic behavior. This includes racism, sexism, ageism, classism, and any other ism that isn’t nice. If you don’t believe me, read this.