Big and Good

In theory, leading an intentional life is easy. If we do the right things, help the right people and pray the right prayers, we will live a good life. Then stuff happens. Our experiences with things and people who weren’t necessarily right caused our lives to spiral to a place of uncertainty, confusion, chaos, and despair. The key to our comeback is intentional living. Intentional living is hard, it may cause you to question every decision you’ve ever made, and it will cause you to be different. To live an intentional life is to know the difference between living in this world and being of this world. With God at the head of our lives, intentional living is nothing short of amazing. Intentional living is a demonstration that the God we serve is Big and Good. Even when life hurts, even when His answer is no, and most definitely, even when we are in a battle, our God is always Big and Good. The second devotional from author Toni Williams proves to take your daily time with God to a deeper level. Williams uses biblical truth and scripture to reflect, interpret, and encourage readers through life’s experiences and the lessons they bring. 21 days of devotional time with this book will establish or renew your commitment to living an intentional life headed by God, who is Big and Good. Click here to buy the book.