Leadership is the ability to empower, encourage, maximize, and expand something for the greater good. It is a gift that in its truest form, should be re-gifted to as many people as possible. It is not relegated to a specific job or duty or title. It is more about position, purpose, and potential. As a leader, you will be tested. You will be challenged. You may even want to give up. The beauty of leadership is that despite the trials you face, you recognize the opportunity for growth and the gift of impacting the lives of others that lies within. True leaders know that life is not based on circumstances, but rather a series of Divine and God-ordained events that are woven together like the tapestry of a covering. For leaders who also consider themselves Christians, that covering can be referred to as a covenant. This covenant is what positions a person under the authority of God, and equips them to do the things God has called him or her to do for the advancement of His kingdom. This can mean working as a car mechanic, teaching overly-hormonal teenagers, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, managing the day-to-day operations of a business, or caring for a loved one. It can mean washing dishes, helping your fifth-grader with homework, folding the laundry, grocery shopping, meal-planning, and nursing a sick child back to health.Leadership does not know gender. It does not know age. It definitely does not know cultural or racial identity. And most importantly. it does not know socio-economic status. Ever. When we accept the call to lead, we are agreeing to position ourselves under God to maximize His kingdom. We should not agree to a leadership role because it makes us feel better about ourselves, or as if we are superior to others. We accept the call to lead because it is a gift from God. A gift that He knows we are capable of fulfilling. The beauty of this gift is simple: We are all called to lead. There is an area in all of our lives that God has entrusted to each one of us to cultivate for growth and impact. Let’s take the next 21 days to explore what leadership means to you.