Are You Looking for a Master Plan(ner) in 2017?

My first confession of 2017 is simple. I am a planner addict. I can go into a store for the most routine of reasons and end up trapped in the stationary/ school supply/ planner aisle for several minutes only to decide that I don’t need an 8th planner for the same year, or I’m on a time crunch and I absolutely must leave. That happens when that 5-minute trip to the store has now become 35 minutes, and usually the only thing that pulls me away is the fact that I must go pick up the teens I love from school.


One of the reasons this is my absolutely favorite time of year is the notion of planning. I love the feeling of looking at a calendar and imaging what the next 12 months will unveil – where I will go, what I will see, or who I will meet. Because we are on the cusp of a new year, most planners are on sale – some for as much as 50 percent off the original prices. (That’s generally the part that makes it’s so difficult for me not to buy…I love a good sale!)  Continue reading

Word for 2017: Miracles

This post includes affilliate links.

This post includes affilliate links.

For the past six years I have chosen a word that sets the tone for the new year. I usually spend much of the fall reflecting on the previous year, the lessons learned, and the goals I want to accomplish. While I’ve always reflected and evaluated hopes, dreams, and goals, I didn’t embrace the one word idea until I read this book.

Since then, I’ve focused my year on my one word and one bible scripture. It’s amazing how these two things can keep me grounded and focused in the most stressful of times. Through the years my words have included: Inspired, Unfiltered,  People, Vulnerable, and this year – Miracles. Continue reading

Surreal is a Perfect Word


When Merriam-Webster announced surreal as the word of the year for 2016, it seemed to fit perfectly. I actually thought it may have been a little too light-hearted because it was nothing short of painful for me.

I’ll be honest and tell you that during the first part of the year, I really thought it was just me. I thought the rest of the world was fine and everyone was happy and enjoying life. Until I started sharing my pain. Continue reading