My Writing Mojo

Sometimes I get in a quandary. I just can’t find the time to write. And then  life gets in the way and I don’t have time to write. But writing keeps me in my yellow. And I need to stay in my yellow as much as possible.

So I have to find time, or make time, and make myself write. It’s just that necessary.

One of the bloggers who I read regularly is Jeff Goins. He has a really great book out that I’m reading called, “The In-Between.” Aside from that though, he recently published a great blog post that talked about writer’s block or as I prefer to call it, “the loss of my writer’s mojo.”

I’ve also given up the notion that I will write several thousand words over the weekend. Because each weekend, I am usually tired. And my thoughts aren’t really coherent. And I take naps. A lot of naps.

But what Jeff encourages writers like me to do is write 500 words a day. It’s that easy. 500 words a day and you’re done. And that’s what I’m doing. I’m writing 500 words a day. For the most part, those 500 words are part of blog posts, but I’m excited about the fact that they can lead to something more…like an article, or a book, or anything.

And you know what? You’ll be able to see the fruits of my 500-word labor right here. Yay!