Random Acts of Cuteness

When The Three Amigos were babies and toddlers, it was very easy to find them doing cute things! These days in the Tween World, it’s more of a challenge. One outcome of the Pause Before You Pounce challenge I did last week is that I am now looking for the cuteness in my kids.

Ummm…I fully realize that they probably do not want to be considered cute…but it’s my blog. So I plan to catch them in moments of cuteness with a photo…and of course I will post it here.

Now, this is a challenge so-to-speak, but I’m not putting a time frame on it. Instead, I am promising myself and all of you that I’m committed to finding the cuteness in my everyday life…with tweens.

Here we go!


When I saw him dressed for school, I couldn’t get enough of this photo. Mainly because he works so hard on his “style.” The main cuteness here was the fact that those are not real glasses. They are movie 3-D glasses that he removed the lenses from. He says style, I say cute!