The August Disclaimer

Welp. It’s August. How are you feeling about that?

For me, it’s not too bad. Except it’s the busiest month of the year in my educator career. Like insanely busy.

My friends and family pretty much know it. The kids have to be reminded of it, but by August 3, they remember.

And this year, I’m breaking one of my August rules. You see, because August is so busy at work, I decided several years ago to shut it all down this month. And I’ve written about that before. Click here or here if you’d like the refresher. Between work madness and back-to-school madness for the kids, I don’t have time to focus on much else. And my attendance at family events and reunions has definitely suffered because of it.

So this year, I decided to be a little more involved with the outside world and live a little during this month. I’ll be on social media in all my glory taking selfies and engaging in weekend road trips with the kids to the family homestead. And I’ll be blogging, regularly.

But here’s the disclaimer.

My blog will run seamlessly to you, but really, the posts are not in real-time. It’s important for you to know this because if there is a natural disaster and I don’t mention it here, you need to know that I am not as insensitive as I seem. It’s only because I’m taking the month off, but my posts are not. They were written throughout the summer and saved to be published during the month.

If you can’t take the thought of feeling disconnected from me in real time, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Because in the sense of the true digital maven that I am, I will be connected via social media.

And here’s to a great month! See you in September!




Remember What I Said About August? Thank you Massage Envy!

This month was a whirlwind. It moved fast. Of course, I kind of thought that it would seeing as how I wrote a blog post about all the things that were happening this month. But I’m here to tell you, it was a doozy!

But before we talk about the specifics, I feel that I should give you a little insight in my life. My real 9 to 5 job is at a college. I’ve actually worked in higher education for a while. I love working there as the students energize me. You know that feeling of “the world is my oyster?” They have it, and it is fun to watch it.

When you work at a college, especially in student services, there are two times a year that life is bad. The month of August, and the first two weeks in January. You see, those times are officially deemed as Peak Registration times. They are full of students completing last-minute admissions paperwork, asking massive questions about financial aid forms that they may not have completed correctly, and new student orientations.

So there’s been a lot going on. It’s the norm for this time of year.

And as we opened our doors recently to the start of a new semester, I took a little breath of relief. And as I left work one evening, I made  a little stop on my way home. And my day ended blissfully.

I got a massage at Massage Envy.

I had knots. And kinks. And I promise I think there were even bubbles.

But my massage therapist worked it all out. And a couple of times, I wanted to come off the table. Because I was just that tense.

It was loooonnnngggg over due.

And I am so glad I did it. It was the perfect way to end the stress of the month.

But here’s the deal, in case you didn’t know:

Massage Envy has hundreds of locations all across the country. And they have an awesome monthly membership program with massages, and facials, and upgrades. We like upgrades.

Just because I want you to be a part of my experience…here are some photos.

The front desk girls are very friendly!

The front desk girls are very friendly!

My bed of bliss.

My bed of bliss.

My personalized massage wellness plan.

My personalized massage wellness plan.

And if you want to make a difference while you’re getting a massage, check out the Massage Envy Healing Hands for Arthritis event on September 18. Massage Envy will donate $10 from every one-hour massage and facial to the Arthritis Foundation.

But that’s not all!!! Massage Envy wants me share the bliss of a one-hour massage with my readers who live in the Dallas area near Cedar Hill. The winner will receive a massage at the new Cedar Hill location as part of its Grand Opening in Uptown Village.

Are you interested? Comment below and tell me how a free massage would help you this month! This contest will close on Tuesday, September 3 at 10:00 p.m. The winner will be announced here on the blog on Wednesday, September 4.

And just in case you win….here are the location details for the Cedar Hill spa:

305 W. FM 1382 Ste. 110 (Uptown Village near Black Eyed Pea)
Cedar Hill, TX 75104

Hours of Operation:
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Sunday
8:00 AM – 10:00 PM Monday-Friday
8:00 AM – 9:00 PM Saturday

Phone: (469) 272-3689

Good luck!

Disclaimer:  In the spirit of full disclosure, I was contacted as part of a special promotion for Massage Envy and received a gift certificate for my massage. Rest assured though, I only recommend products  and companies that I use and love and all opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Welcome to August

It’s here. August is here. No really. It really is here.

augustcalendarThe Littles will be away next week at sleep away camp.

We have to buy school supplies.

We have to buy clothes for school.

There will be meet-the-teacher nights.

Oh, I need to turn in school paperwork at the kids’ new school.

The boy needs shots.

The busiest time of year for my job occurs in August.

All kinds of community organizations that I’m in usually start meeting again in August.

August in Texas usually brings sweltering temperatures.

Tita and I will be preparing to lead our new campus exercise class, Flash Mob Fitness. And by preparing, that means working out.

Football season begins.

I have to choose health benefits for work in August.

I start teaching again in August.

Store will have end of summer specials and back to school sales.

Some states have tax free shopping weekend. In Texas, it’s August 9-11.

That’s not the only stuff on the list…I just decided to stop thinking about it.

Tell me, how’s your August looking?