Wynter Pitts: The Legacy of A Life That Said Yes to God


It’s been quite some time since we blogged together. While we love the opportunity to collaborate on the internet, the occasion is bittersweet.

This week, a couple of different areas of our lives intersected in a way we wish it didn’t.

Our lives as moms intersected with our lives as bloggers which would ordinarily be okay, but this intersection created a void for so many people in our local community.

Furthermore, all of it left us in tears. Tears for a heartbroken husband, tears for four girls, and tears for an extended family – none of whom saw any of this coming.

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Domestic Violence is Important…12 Months Out of the Year

I originally wrote this post for the Best Southwest Moms Blog during Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.

I decided to run it here because, it’s for an important cause. My friend Tomea, lost her friend to a tragic incident related to domestic violence. Tomea and two of her friends then turned their collective grief into a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting this issues that plagues our country.

Let’s Teach Our Daughters
We need to teach our daughters the difference between a man who flatters her, and a man who compliments her……
A man who spends money on her, and a man who invests in her….
A man who views her as property, and a man who views her properly….
A man who lusts after her, and a man who loves her….
A man who believes he is God’s gift to women, and a man who remembers a woman was God’s gift to man.

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What Month Is It?

I know its November. But have you noticed that after all the Breast Cancer Awareness Month hoopla in October, we really don’t know what comes next? I wrote a blog post with a handy calendar  for what’s to come over at the Best Southwest Moms Blog, for your viewing pleasure.

And just for kicks, I did know that November is Epilepsy Awareness Month…we’re advocating! 🙂

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