Three Things for the Week

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Happy Monday Friends!

In Texas, we’re celebrating a Longhorn victory from the weekend’s Red River Rivalry against OU and enjoying cool mornings and slightly cooler temperatures.

  1. Have you been Peanutized yet? A new Peanuts movie is hitting the theaters on November 6 and to get in the mood for the 3-D animated adventure, you can create a rendition of yourself as a Peanuts character for free and download to your computer or use as your Facebook profile picture. It is a fun family activity for all ages! Peanutize yourself at

    Peanuts yourself at

    How do you like me as a Peanuts character?

  2. You eyes will not be the first to go. At least they won’t if you protect them. For the past few years, I have been buying my eyeglasses on-line. Recently, I discovered an on-line eyeglass vendor that is guaranteed to protect your eyes from harmful screen glare. LED screens, smartphones, tablets, and CFL lighting emit something that’s caused blue light or High Energy Visible (HEV) light. Constant exposure to these lights can cause digital eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue.  Phonetic Eyewear uses special-light filtering technology to decrease the damage to your eyes. I have been wearing my glasses from Phonetic Eyewear for about three weeks now and I have noticed that my eyes are not itching and burning at bedtime like they previously had been. The glasses are stylish and affordable and I will be buying another pair.

    Click to read about my glasses with anti-strain technology.

    Great specs from Phonetic Eyewear.

  3. Don’t forget to take the blog audience survey! The contest for the five Starbucks gift cards will end  this Thursday, with the winner being announced on Friday. I’m really excited about the results I’ve received and  can’t wait to hear from the rest of you.
    Starbucks giveaway ends this Thursday!

    Starbucks giveaway ends this Thursday!

    That’s all I have for this week. Make it great!


Blog Survey on Deck

Untitled designHappy Friday Friends!

I’m working on some new information for the blog, but I need your help. Will you take five minutes and complete this quick survey? All respondents will enter a raffle to win one of five Starbucks gift cards. Woot woot!
Here’s the link for the survey.
After you enter the prize giveaway. check your email. There will be a link to complete the actual anonymous survey.


About that #SocialExperiment

10433128_10153101054218117_2183159325676118237_nIf we are connected on social media, it’s very possible that you may have heard about a #socialexperiment that I am participating in. It’s a little different. And seeing as how I have never participated in a social experiment of any kind before, it does take me a little bit out of my comfort zone. But you know, it’s a new year…so why not?

Shortly after New Year’s Day, my friend Cheryl asked me about my dating life. My response wasn’t that positive — I think my answer may have been “it’s non-existent” and her wheels got to turning. And since she has about five other really good friends and family members who answered that same question the same way, she got busy.

Using the premise of “Six Degrees of Separation,” Cheryl believes that my next date is six degrees from her. Now, she really does know a lot of people, and the people she knows also know a lot of people, and based on that theory, she is convinced she can find us single gals a connection.

Her premise is that in this day and age of social media, it should really easy for like-minded single women and single-men to connect. And when I think about it, that sounds pretty good. And when I joined the group, I committed to blogging about my experience — without completely divulging all the details of my adventures.


From February 1 to March 1, she is busy liking, sharing, and discussing. I trust her, I trust myself, and I trust the universe. I’ll provide the updates for you here and on social media using the hashtag #sixdegreesofdating. And if you feel so inclined, feel free to get to liking, sharing, and tagging yourself!

Have your ever participated in a social experiment? Would you want to?

The August Disclaimer

Welp. It’s August. How are you feeling about that?

For me, it’s not too bad. Except it’s the busiest month of the year in my educator career. Like insanely busy.

My friends and family pretty much know it. The kids have to be reminded of it, but by August 3, they remember.

And this year, I’m breaking one of my August rules. You see, because August is so busy at work, I decided several years ago to shut it all down this month. And I’ve written about that before. Click here or here if you’d like the refresher. Between work madness and back-to-school madness for the kids, I don’t have time to focus on much else. And my attendance at family events and reunions has definitely suffered because of it.

So this year, I decided to be a little more involved with the outside world and live a little during this month. I’ll be on social media in all my glory taking selfies and engaging in weekend road trips with the kids to the family homestead. And I’ll be blogging, regularly.

But here’s the disclaimer.

My blog will run seamlessly to you, but really, the posts are not in real-time. It’s important for you to know this because if there is a natural disaster and I don’t mention it here, you need to know that I am not as insensitive as I seem. It’s only because I’m taking the month off, but my posts are not. They were written throughout the summer and saved to be published during the month.

If you can’t take the thought of feeling disconnected from me in real time, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Because in the sense of the true digital maven that I am, I will be connected via social media.

And here’s to a great month! See you in September!




Have You Heard of Bloglovin?

With the demise of Google Reader on July 1, a lot of bloggers and blog readers are having to restructure the way they get the valuable information that blogs give you. I’ve changed my settings on many and subscribed to some via email, but this week I’ve discovered Bloglovin. Similar to Google Reader, it’s a way to manage your blogs.

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Try it and tell me how you like it!