Why Unfriending or Blocking May Not Be the Answer

one mom discusses why unfriending may not be the only answer to social media woes

This social media stuff has gotten out of control. Blood pressures are rising, stress is mounting, and lifelong friendships are dwindling – from behind a computer or mobile device. It’s all because we like, or agree, or vote, or debate, or choose not to debate, or my all time favorite – have suffered more.

And on the last one…let’s change it to we believed we have suffered more, or longer, or harder, and we are going to prove it. On social media. Today.

And here’s a new one: Posting anything new or different or positive apparently now means that we have forgotten about the struggle or the social ills of America or the election or whatever we’re upset about.

Before you know it  we become offended. And stressed. And tired of having to explain ourselves. Then the unfriending ensues. Y’all, I’m not exempt from this behavior. I’ve unfriended and I’ve unfollowed as well. I’ve even written the oh-so-sly yet really passive-aggressive post that usually ends with, “Unfriend me if you must…this is the truth.”

As a parent though, and as a parent of teenagers who have very active social media lives, I discovered something very important. Sometimes when the kids become frustrated with an issue that shouldn’t even be on social media in the first place, the first thing they want to do is unfriend, unfollow, and block. Even if there’s no real place for it.

They think that’s what they should do because that’s what they’ve seen us do.  Continue reading

Stand for Something

Or you’ll fall for anything. That’s what my parents used to tell me. And that’s exactly what Texas State Senator Wendy Davis did a few weeks ago. She stood for more than 11 hours on a filibuster for the abortion bill. And it died…until the next session. However, it impressed me that she felt that strongly about women’s health care that she did that.


Armed with her backbrace and her tennis shoes, she did something, I don’t think I could do.

Abortion bill defeated after Texas Republicans concedewendy davis 3

I really believe in the cause…but standing non stop for 11 hours? It kind of makes you go hmmm. How can I teach the Littles that this is the kind of strength and determination we must have to truly make a difference in the world? Furthermore, how can I teach myself?

It’s sad to say, but I have fallen into the check-writing trap. When I want to support those who are truly making a difference, I give a donation. And sometimes money isn’t the answer. Sometimes, we have to be willing to stand, or walk, or canvass, or whatever needs to be done.

So while I’m still trying to figure out how that’s going to look for our family, I did take about 2 hours out of my day to stand. There was a rally for the women’s health care movement in Dallas and I went. While I realize that didn’t accomplish much on the fight, it did spark something in me to make me committed to doing something more.

2013-07-10 10.14.41

And not to mention,I got the chance to meet some pretty cool people.




So that’s one of my goals for the fall. I’m thinking it will carry in to 2014. I’m going to stand.