Team S.J.G.R.

I’m doing another blogger challenge. A very necessary one. Because S.J.G.R. You know what that means? Shit Just Got Real.

Yes…I said that. But it’s for a good reason. It’s a health challenge. And that’s what it’s really called.

So, one of my favorite bloggers (who’s also my sorority sister) is The Grady Doctor. She’s a medical doctor and she’s all about keeping it real. And for her, the ish got real last fall when her sister (also one of my sorority sisters) suddenly died of heart disease.

Heart disease is real. Obesity is real. Being overweight is real. And if I can wear red during Heart Healthy month in February, then I can really make a difference by eating healthy and exercising.

And you know that the ish was pretty real for me this past spring with my cancer scare. And of all the cancers to have, I had the one that affects my metabolism. And now that it’s over, I need to be grateful that it’s gone, grateful that I feel so good, and grateful that it wasn’t something worse. And how am I going to be grateful…I’m going to change my lifestyle.

So this isn’t that bad…because  I started drinking fresh green smoothies this spring and eating healthier. But I couldn’t exercise because of the tumor pressing up against my lungs. So now, since the tumor is gone…S.J.G.R. and I need to exercise. And yes, I cleared it with my doctor…so it’s all good.

Not only can I exercise, but I need to exercise. And continue eating right. All the time. So here we go. The Littles and I are going to start by going to the track by our house at least three times a week at sundown. Of course, you will hear about all my success here..and if S.J.G.R. for you recently, you may want to consider joining us.

We even have a Facebook group. So if you’re interested…do this. Subscribe to The Grady Doctor’s blog and if you’re a Facebooker, then join the group Team S.J.G.R. on Facebook. The group’s organizer is JoLai Draper. She’s the Grady Doctor’s sister…and S.J.G.R. for her last fall too.

This is not attached to a specific diet plan, or exercise routine…we’ve just all agreed that it’s time to make a change for the better for our health and we’re doing it. Has the S.J.G.R. for you?


Pause Before You Pounce: Day 4

Today I will not comment when a family member does something around the house in a way I would not have chosen (unless of course it is one of those rare cases where it is either dangerous, costly or damaging to property, etc…). I will only comment  to thank them for performing the task or praise them for their unique, creative way of doing it.

Pause Before You Pounce: Patterns

It’s Day 1 of Karen Ehman’s challenge and I am identifying the patterns that make the Mama Mouth come out. I’ve actually fared pretty well today. Well, I should have right? Here’s what I’ve noticed about me and my triggers:

1. I hate repeating myself

2. My neck tightens when I am under stress. That neck tightening feeling is a trigger.

3. Noise

4. Disharmony

I found that list very interesting. Particularly since disharmony — the very thing I despise — is what I create when the Mama Mouth takes over.  The list is also interesting because as a Mom of Tweens, all of these things happen daily in my house.

I’m praying over this list tonight and we will see what’s in store for me tomorrow!