Well I Never: Unexpected Things I Thought Would Never Apply to Me

I love youth. I love the assurance and clarity of the future that it brings. I love the “I’m invincible” nature that has not been corrupted by the trials and pitfalls of life. I love the fact that I hear that incurable hope for the future from my three kids every day.

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), the nature of my overprotective Mama Bear mentality eventually kicks in to warn them about the unexpected things in life. Those things that can and probably will happen at some point in their lives that will rock their worlds. Some are good, and some are bad.

I used to be one of those young people. I can remember thinking on the day that I graduated from college, “I’m 22 years old, a college graduate, and I start a cool job in 3 weeks. There’s nothing that can stop, deter, or change my life for the worse now.”

Until the unexpected happened.

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They Have Her Back

friends and family are the crux for one christian authorLast week I did something I had never done before. Ever. I went to a local church, on a Thursday night, and heard one of my favorite authors teach about the Bible. I want to say this now and publicly…if you ever have the chance to hear Priscilla Shirer speak…go! Quick, fast, and in a hurry. And if you can’t get to see her in person, read her books, or read her blog. She has great things to say…and even though she digs deep…it is always applicable to my life.

The Three Amigos even know about her. Their main concern is that I do not act like a groupie when I go hear her speak. In true mom-of-tween fashion, I told them I did act like a groupie and probably embarrassed them, especially since I asked her to sign my copy of her most recent book. And then I got the triple eye roll.

While I was impressed with Priscilla’s sermon, what I really noticed as a mom of three kids is that she would not have been able to host that event without having great friends who have her back. Her three boys were there helping with the community service project attached to the event, and of course, she needed friends watching them!  (She was kinda busy, you know, preaching and all).

Then, her ministry staff selected a group of women to be VIPs for the night. They prayed with these ladies, escorted them throughout the event, and just loved on them. I couldn’t fathom how she orchestrated that…ummm…again, when she was also ministering to a few hundred of her other closest friends.

So here’s what I noticed…her friends were strategically located so they could jump in and help when needed. They were also fully present…not just in attendance, but fully present. They helped with the line of people who wanted to take photos or get an autograph. They stood next to her…not to have a piece of her…but to help her give a piece to others.

They had her back.

And that my friends, is a component of true friendship. Being fully present and ready to step in wherever your friends need you to…even if it means you are helping give your friend’s time to someone else…and not you. I’d love to share with you an interview that some of my friends did on an internet talk radio show yesterday…it seemed to go right along with the theme of having someone’s back.

Tune in here for the recap on demand. Click on the link for “On Demand” and the “Mocha Mob” show. Tell me about your friends…do they have your back, and more importantly do you have theirs?