Tyra Needs Our Help!

Happy Labor Day friends!

I originally wasn’t planning on posting today, but Tyra (T1) has asked me to. She is having a fashion issue. You see, tomorrow is the first day of 6th grade. She has selected her outfits for the week, but she’s not sure what order she wants to wear them in. This is her first year since 1st grade with no uniform and she wants to send the right message.

“I want the world to know I’m smart, funny, cool, caring, friendly, and spiritual. My outfits must say that…and since I’m at a new school, friendly is the priority,”

So I made some suggestions, but they didn’t work. And she asked if it’d put the outfits on the blog. Because she thinks you all are smarter than I am when it comes to 6th grade fashion. So we got the outfits, we just need them put in order Tuesday-Friday. Can you help?

Here are the choices:

2013-09-02 03.21.33

Outfit #!

2013-09-02 03.19.00

Outfit #2

2013-09-02 03.19.40

Outfit #3

2013-09-02 03.20.21

Outfit #4

She’d be ever so pleased if you weigh in on this one.  Reply to this post with the outfits in order of the day you think they should be worn.




Random Acts of Cuteness: The Fashionista

T1 and I were organizing my closet last night and low and behold…we found my belly dancing scarf. No, I’m not a belly dancer. But I am a Zumba afcionado. And sometimes in Zumba we wear the belly dancing scarves. So, when she found the scarf we chuckled and remembered days of dancing with the scarf.

And that lead us to a scarf conversation. Much better than a belly dancing conversation with the 11-year-old, don’t you think?

So we decided that I need more scarves. To cover up my surgery scar. Which is healing beautifully, I might add,  but T1 thinks scarves could help.

“Mom, I know you are proud of your scar, but I think you really could use this scarf because you know…because people really don’t need to see all of that.”

“But T1, the scar is really blending in to my skin, I don’t think I need to cover it up.”

“MOM, yes you do.”

“This scarf jingles when I walk, I can’t use it.”

“Let’s practice Mom. You need to see how this is going to work.”

And here’s what she came up with:

Look 1 -- Scar Cover Up

Look 1 — Scar Cover Up


Look 2 -- The Shawl Look

Look 2 — The Shawl Look

Side View of The Shawl Look

Side View of The Shawl Look

And as if her modeling (which I thought was adorable because I know she believes I have NO fashion sense whatsoever) wasn’t good enough, she grabbed a sweater in my closet and put the scarf around it.

The Proof

The Proof

So I love the look..but I really am afraid of jingling rather loudly when I walk into the building at work. What do you think?