Teachable Moments and Finding Peace

Yesterday one of the older two kids’ favorite teacher announced she was leaving our school and going to another school district. She sent the email to all of the families that she taught. It was a nice email. I was touched. I even replied to the teacher wishing luck and thanking her for the impact she had on our family.

Unfortunately, not all the parents felt the way I did. Well one in particular replied to all and said some pretty negative things.

And this my friends is a teachable moment for the tweens. Yep. So I practiced my whole speech on the way home from work. We needed to talk about the “reply to all” feature of email communication. We needed to talk about using proper grammar in email. We needed to talk about how you respond when you know there was no ill-intent on the part of the original email sender.

So we started talking. And I though they got it. One of them said, “So what you’re saying is, people sound really crazy when they talk ghetto over email and we shouldn’t do that?” Ummm. Ok. Even though I despise the use of the term ghetto the way she said it,  I made a choice to stay focused on the email and address “ghetto talk” later.

A ghetto is a place, not a dialogue.

Sorry, I digressed. Until overnight there were more emails slandering the teacher, the school, the District. And then finally at 3:00 a.m. the last email said, “I’m at peace with it all.”

Are you really at peace if you had to send an email at 3:00 a.m. announcing it?

Probably not. So today’s teachable moment will be about truly finding peace when you need to get over something. Somehow I think this lesson will take longer than a day. Any thoughts?

Summer Organization Project: My In-Box(es)

Hello. My name is Toni and I have a lot of email addresses.

I have so many email addresses that the Three Amigos don’t need their own email addresses. They each actually use one of mine. Because I have several. Like 10…I think. Matter of fact, I asked Cheryl  last week how many she had and she didn’t respond. She just kind of looked at me with that “We both love technology and have adult  A.D.D., so there’s no need for me to answer” look. So, I think she has a lot too.

So, why do I need more than 2 (the basic one for work and one for home)? The answer is simple. I don’t need more than two! At all. I want more than 2. And now, I don’t know what to do with them.

And the reason I am keeping them is because I think I’m supposed to do something with them. All of them. So that’s what I’m going to figure this week. Why I have them, and if it’s a good reason, then I’ll keep them. If not, I’ll delete them. And just so I don’t convince myself of the good reason, I have to put that reason into effect right away.

But for now, I’m taking a poll. After all it’s only Tuesday and the end of the week is not until Saturday. How many email addresses do you have? If you have more than two email addresses, how do you use them?