Homeschooling 4.0 : Just The Girls

This year, homeschooling is different for us because CJ is away in college.

One of the hardest struggles I’ve had in my parenting has been on the homeschooling journey. Homeschooling itself can be challenging with the lesson plans, the state requirements, and the college readiness factor, but for me the challenge was none of that.

It was in the decision to actually do it.

A decision that I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to for years and I never listened.

Until I had no other choice.  Continue reading

Cancer Remembered: Was I Really OK?

This post is part of a month-long series on my cancer experience of 2013. They originally appeared on my blog at

I am asked this question at least  5,000 times twice a week. And usually, the asker is hesitant and nervous….like there’s an elephant in the room. So when there’s an elephant in the room, it needs to be introduced to the crowd.

The answer is simple: Yes. But I want to share with you why.
I live in a place of self-help and spiritually. I read blogs, I read books, and I practice all of it. I’ve read the Secret, I’ve seen the Secret…and it is no secret to me. Positive thinking and having a strong spiritual foundation is essential to living. Not essential for those who are sick or going through something, but for everybody.
So because I live in a place of self-help and balanced spirituality…the cancer doesn’t really take me off my center. It’s an issue, yes, but I’m able to recognize that there are so many other things happening in the world that are worse than this. Remember when CJ was having a rough time with seizures as a young child? That’s an example of way worse. Hurricane Katrina? Way worse. Randy Pausch, the college professor who turned his pancreatic cancer experience into an inspirational story for the world? Way worse. Human rights crisis in the Congo? Way worse. And what about Mattie Stepanek, the little boy who was a world peacemaker by sharing his Heartsongs with us? Waaaaaay worse.
And while we’re on the topic. I do cry. And crying is not bad. It is therapeutic. So sometimes there’s a trigger that doesn’t appear to be related to the cancer, but it hits a nerve and I cry. And then I move on because I know I’m supposed to use this experience for good.
And I return to my world filled with self-help and spirituality. That’s how I manage 3 kids as a single mom, that’s I deal with registration season at work, that how I deal with conflict, and that’s how I deal with cancer. You know what? I wasn’t in this spiritual place when I went through the divorce, and I am sure that’s why it took me to that dark place. A place that I never want to go back to.
So I get up at 5:30 every day to pray, practice yoga, read, and meditate. I can feel a difference when I don’t. My favorite authors are Priscilla Shirer and Lysa Terkeurst. I read emails from Mastin Kipp, Renee Swope, Lynn Lynn Cowell, Karen Ehmann and Glynnis Whitwater. I subscribe to blogs entitled, “The Happiness Project” and “Daily OM:Nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit.” And the bible studies….oh Beth Moore, how you inspire me!
This is who I am. This is who I am with cancer. And I probably think this is who you should be too. (Well, as long as we’re being honest).
And simply put, that’s why I’m really okay.

It’s My Cancerversary

Over the past year, I’ve found myself thinking about what I was doing, thinking, and how I was feeling this time last year. As I’ve learned and grown a lot over the past months, I decided that the more I reflect, the more I want to share about my experiences.

January 31, 2013 was the day I was officially diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It’s not a day that I feel the need to celebrate, and frankly, it’s one that could make me reach for an extra pump of syrup in my coffee. This year, while my diagnosis day came and went, there is a day I feel the need to celebrate — JUNE 26!!!! That’s officially the day I became “cancer free.” While I don’t usually like labels, I’ll wear this one with pride!

The entire month of June, I am going to run posts from my cancer experience. During the time I was ill, I blogged on the CaringBridge website. Incidentally, if you or anyone you know is facing a health challenge, this website is a great tool of communication. That time was a great time of self discovery for me and I enjoy looking back and admiring my strength and courage.

And about said strength and courage…I was scared. Even looking back now, I have no clue how I was able to sound so confident. But God.

I hope you enjoy this little trip down memory lane with me. And I hope it blesses you or someone you know.