This Will For Sure Make You Smile

If you read this blog regularly, you know that I have allowed my youngest daughter to satisfy her hair fancy by playing in my hair.

If you need some background, click here or here.

But last week she wanted to try something new. She wanted to braid my hair. Like this:


2011-12-25 13.59.06

These are the braids that my girls are currently wearing. And in a weak moment on night last week, my hair ended up looking like this:

2013-10-01 20.13.33


They braided my hair and added extra hair. The night before Tyra’s birthday. So out of Mommy guilt, I agreed to wear my hair like that for the next two days.

And the last day, all I could do was this:

2013-10-03 10.55.52


The braids weren’t very tight in the beginning…and then they started to unravel. And it looked crazy. It really did.

So Tita put it in a huge bun on the top of my head because that’s the style. But it unraveled. And unraveled. And unraveled some more.

And by Thursday, I looked like a clown. A nice clown, but a clown nonetheless.

See the photos…I dare you not smile…or laugh…or whatever you deem appropriate. Because that is NOT what my hair looks like now.

Keep smiling!