Baby It’s Cold Outside


I’m a native of Chicago. I graduated from high school in June of 1990. Within three months, I was living in Mississippi for college. My first semester there, I distinctly remember taking final exams in shorts and t-shirts. In December. From that moment forward, I never wanted to experience a Chicago winter again.

Thankfully, because our family lived in Mississippi, it wasn’t hard. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles all made the case for us to spend Christmas in Mississippi. My favorite time to visit Chicago is between May and September; and that’s what I’ve done for nearly 20 years.

But this year is different. This year our family has experienced loss beyond measure. This year, I decided that because my aging parents had been travelling non-stop, the kids and I would spend the Christmas holidays with them. In Chicago.  Continue reading



My plan for the holidays is to be unplugged from Tuesday, December 22 until January 13.

I’m assuming if you know me, you probably started laughing at that sentence. After all, just look at the shock on my kids’ faces when I told them. But I am really serious. I plan to unplug from daily posts, but I will be working on awesome content for the blog, promo items for my new radio show, and new features of both the Twilli Media website and the My Life With Him and Them website.

But I want to let you in on a little secret. I will be unplugged, but it will look like I am as active as usual on the web.

The wonders of automation allows bloggers and social media addicts — scratch that, social media professionals like me to schedule our posts ahead of time. So I will be here, but not really live and in color.

I hope you that you and your family have an awesome holiday. As you may know, I’ve created a few printables about the holidays over the past month or so. I’ve gathered them all  right here for you. I hope you enjoy it as you are putting the final touches on your holiday experiences.


Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 7.58.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 7.58.06 PM






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Don’t Forget to Rock the Holidays!


We are moving right along with preparing for the holidays. After all, Thanksgiving is next week! If you’re behind, you’ve got a little bit of catching up to do, but stay the course. You can have a great holiday season with less stress, more fun, and great memories!

Your list for this week:

  1. Add school, community events, and parties to your calendar (s)
  2. Finalize your Thanksgiving plans; who’s cooking what, the theme, wardrobing, getting the hair and nails done.
  3. If your kids are out of school next week what are you going to for family fun?
  4. Decide how you are going to explain or address those family members who may invite additional drama to the holiday meal.
  5. Decide on your shopping for the season. After Thanksgiving weekend, I try to keep my shopping to weekday mornings. Devise your plan now.
  6. Decide what charities you will support this year, and how you will support them
  7. If you are taking photos for holiday cards or gifts, now’s the time to start planning. Schedule the photographer, find a location, and think about outfits.

And since this week and next are filled with shopping, I’ve created a helpful item just for you! On the Mocha Mob show earlier this week, I mentioned several  websites with apps that are helpful during the holiday season. You can click the image below or access the full-sized version here.

And in case you missed it, click on one of the images below to grab your copy of the Family Holiday Bucket List printable or the Grocery Shopping List printable.


Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 7.58.06 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 7.58.42 PM






You are doing great! Keep positive and stay the course. Remember, we are in this together!