If Nothing Else Has Changed, My Writing Has

the state of our country affected my writing

Reenactment of three conversations that I’ve had in the past two weeks:

“Toni! How’s blogging? What have you been writing about lately?”

“Blogging is great. I’ve taken some time off this fall but other than that, it’s great.”

“Oh wow. What are you writing about now?”

<My initial thought: “Did you just hear me say I took some time off this fall? That means I haven’t been writing.”>

“My last post was in August  – it’s now November, I’m not sure that I’m actually writing about anything now.”

Cue the awkward silence. I haven’t been writing a lot. Writing is my therapy so if I haven’t been writing, it’s like I’ve missed some valuable therapy sessions. Those who are close to me know that something is probably very wrong in my world if I’m not writing, and I haven’t been writing in the past three months.

Because things were very wrong. Continue reading

The Dirty Words I’ve Insisted My Kids Learn

dirty words

Three years ago when I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, one of the first things I did was commit to talking about the disease. I wanted other people to know about the thyroid gland and what it can do (or not do). Once I starting talking more, I learned something.

On one side of my family, there was a history thyroid disease in my family. On the other side, cancer was very prominent.

Family medical history is important. Knowing your family history is even more important. And being part of a family willing to talk about those medical issues is of utmost importance.The information that I gained during my personal cancer event proved to be more valuable than anything my doctors could have told me.  After I recovered, I decided to dig a little deeper and I found some other health issues that I needed to be aware of.  Continue reading