The Numbers in My Life

Sometimes I like using buzzwords. Especially if they relate to a new concept or idea. This summer alone, I’ve learned about web inspectors, stacks, caches,and other tech sounding things. I sit near the web administrator at work, and I occassionally hear him speaking his language and sometimes I’m moved to speak it too. Google scrum master and welcome to my world.

One buzzword, not related to tech, that I use and I am proud of is the word intentional. I’ve found in this season of my life that I am working toward leading a more intentional life. For me, being intentional means I need to take a look at my priorities, my career, my relationships, my writing, my parenting, and my time spent with God.

I started becoming more intentional this summer by taking one quick look at the numbers in my life.  Continue reading

Are You Intentional With Studying the Bible?

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Today I want to talk about studying the bible. A few years ago, I started scheduling intentional time to spend reading my Bible. I was a little selfish in my study, though, because I would only read for topics related to whatever I thought I needed “biblical backup” on. And I don’t think that’s really fair, you know?

I have a friend who really studies the bible, and I asked him if I could interview him for the podcast this week. Of course he agreed and I learned a lot just in the 20 minutes of talking to him.

You can listen to the podcast here. Like I said, it’s only about 20 minutes but it is well worth it.

I’m always looking for people to feature in my intentional living podcasts. You don’t have to be perfect, just intentional! If you know of anyone (including yourself) who has a great story to tell, please send them my way! My email address is

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One Step Away

Sometimes I meet people and hear stories that make me realize I was one step away.

One step away from making the wrong decision, one step away from being caught for making the wrong decision, and one step away for giving my kids the life they deserve.

I had the pleasure of attending the Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (T.O.R.I.) Graduation at the Potter’s House in Dallas this weekend. TORI is a program of the Metroplex Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), a non-profit organization founded by Bishop T.D. Jakes to bridge economic voids in urban America. Through enrollment in the T.O.R.I. program, ex-offenders participate in a 12-month case management program that focuses on key areas of rehabilitation and was an outgrowth of The Potter’s House Prison Ministry.

A lot of the graduates of the program this year are mothers. Just like me. And they have kids that are the same ages as I do. And you know what else? Some of the crimes they committed were because they were trying to provide a better life in spite of health issues, divorce, poverty, and any of life’s obstacles. And as you know, we’ve seen our share of health issues and divorce issues, and life issues.

And I’ve made some bad decisions. And I’ve almost made some worse decisions. Which puts me one step away. I can’t help but reflect and think about what the outcome could have been.

If that wasn’t enough to call my attention to the issue of incarceration and rehabilitation in our society, I have to think about the decisions that my children will one day be forced with. The statistics are there….especially for those of young African American males who come from divorced families.


Bishop T.D. Jakes says, “Because of T.O.R.I., our graduates have gone from pathology of bad choices and decisions to a positive outcome.” For me, because of my witnessing the T.O.R.I. graduation I have gone from living and merely existing every day to living intentionally. And the decision to live intentionally is the best decision I could ever make.