How to Abandon Everything Except Joy This Year

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I love the Christmas season. I love the songs, the sights, and the smells of that time of year.

Oh, yes I do realize it’s February.

I just have to pause though and mention that I love, love, love the Christmas season (even in a pandemic) and I’m always sad each January because it’s over.

I can attribute the season to one word: JOY. And while I may no longer be singing about joy, or bells for that matter, I did spend a good part of the holiday season cultivating a list I knew I would need later. This list, to be exact, gives me all the feels on how to cultivate Christmas-like joy for the rest of the year. Continue reading

Three Things to Bring You Joy This Week

Awesome information for moms this week!Happy Monday!

The kids have officially been in school now for a week. As we are all easing back into schedule of things I won’t be long, but I have three things to make you happy this week!

  1. Go see the movie War Room. This movie is phenomenal. It meets you exactly where you are in your own prayer life. It was exactly what I needed and right on time. It opened this past Friday and had a stellar weekend at the box office. It is definitely a must see for all ages.IMG_1130
  2. Shea Moisture coupons. I’m not a regular couponer, but when coupons are available for a product I love, I am happy. The Red Plum insert in yesterday’s paper has two coupons for Shea Moisture hair and body products. Special thanks to my friend Tracy who told me about the coupons, and reminded me to save them until Walgreens or CVS has a buy one get one free sale — giving us more savings.IMG_1151
  3. Great Read: The People Factor by Van Moody. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m evaluating all of my interpersonal relationships. and really analyzing how I can better serve those who are important to me. This book has helped me identify what makes relationships thrive — be it familial relationships, work relationships, friendships, or romantic relationships.thepeoplefactor