Social Entrepreneurship and Our Kids

Mocha Mob radio

Last month (right before Thanksgiving to be exact), I talked to my friend Kevin about kids and social entrepreneurship and holiday preparations. It was a great conversation and I’m inviting you to listen. To hear us you can click on the image above or click here.

After you listen, feel free to continue the discussion with us on twitter. You can find  me @twillisbestshot and Kevin @kmondy06. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Simply Thankful

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I mediate. I assign. I correct. I fuss. But most importantly, I am thankful. The Three Amigos bring a lot to my life on a daily basis…and here’s why I am so thankful:

1. They still call me Mommy

2. They like to brush my hair at night.

3. They sleep in on weekends.

4. They want to make the world a better place.

5. They understand they value of a good education.

6. They are funny. Belly laugh funny.

7. They are true performing artists.

8. They actively seek to learn about other cultures.

9.  I see the best of who I am manifest in their personalities.

10. They believe the details are important.

What are you thankful for about your kids?

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Exactly How Tacky Are You?

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As you all know, and as I frequently about here, I am all about redirection and trying new corrective behavior techniques (i.e. discipline tactics) in my parenting. The methods I have the most success with empower the three amigos to identify their own missteps and correct them. And those methods are ever changing, well because, let’s just say, we need And today my friends, I am here to tell you about Tacky Box! Because I’m sure you can only imagine what kinds of “tacky” things are done and said in my house.

Originally designed for children under the age of 10, I agreed to test out the Tacky Box waters with Jada. She was quick to point out to me that she barely made it in on the age category, but did mention that she does have a tacky side, so it might be beneficial to her. Little did I know, it could also work with the teenager and the 12-year-old. Ummmm….and in the spirit of honesty and discourse, I suppose it could help me too…because now we are all charged with keeping track of family tackiness. And well, frankly, we can all be tacky sometimes.

But I digress.

Jada’s first assignment was to read the book….her’s was applicable to girls, but there is one for boys as well. And not only did she read it, she read it loud enough for her siblings and the dog to hear.  And then it was her job to decorate the plain wooden box that comes with the kit. And after we spent one afternoon buying her appropriate craft supplies (because what we had at home just wasn’t going to work), she got down to business.






Now we are ready for the challenge! For the next 10 days, we are going to record every instance of tackiness on one of the handy tacky notepads included in the kit and see how much we end up with. I kind of think in this instance, my cup (or box)  will runneth over. I’m just saying.

If you had to keep track of how many times someone in your house was…ahem, tacky…how many instances do you think you’d be able to record?


That’s fancy text language for “What Would You Do?” In this case, though it’s more how would you respond? Especially when you have one teenagers and two tweenagers asking you these questions. Feel free to chime in and comment.

1. “Mom! My sister just said that Queen Latifah was a rapper. Tell her to stop lying!”

2. “What is a milf?” “Mom, did you hear me, what is a milf?”

3. “Maybe you should consider being a cougar. You know…it worked for Gabrielle Union.” “Stop laughing Mom, I’m serious.”

4. “I figured out the name of the epilepsy blog; see if you can get this domain name….Epilepsy is a Mutha — Shut Your Mouth!”

5. “I know that you really like John Legend, but he seems really happy with his new wife. I don’t think he’s gonna wait around for you, Mom.”

6. “O-M-G! I have so many followers on Instagram and it can be stressful managing this. To make my life easier, do you think, Mom, that you and your friends could stop following me?”

And I could continue, but I’m gonna choose to stop here. All comments are welcome!