The Weekend of July 6th!

Happy Day of Dragging after the long holiday weekend!

That pretty much tells what things are like around these parts.

Oh that and today is July 7, which means it’s the day after July 6. And that isn’t a typo, because our weekend didn’t really get good until Sunday and that’s how I’m choosing to remember this Independence Day weekend.

First things first…dessert.

2014-07-04 21.13.57-1

This is what I decided to do this year and it was so wonderfully easy. I bought a box of ice-cream sandwiches and dipped them in red, white, and blue sprinkles. Voila!!!

Now on to other issues.

I decided to take the Three Amigos shopping on the 4th of July. They needed summer clothes and I needed retail therapy. Ya’ll it was rough. I can’t even begin to speak favorably of that experience. Gone are the days of cute matching outfits and stylishly classic separates made by a certain clothing designer with polo players as his logo.

We are now about wearing winter beanies in the summer, drop crotch pants, and arguing with any suggestion that someone by the name of  “Mom” will make.

And there’s the one child who absolutely hates trying clothes on in a store. And once she does, it’s either everything fits (when it doesn’t) or nothing works (when they do).

The whole experience made we want to declare my independence from motherhood. So I’m now working on alternatives to shopping with three tweens/ tweens. And let me tell you, because we will be on vacation with my parents next month, there were certain things I felt they absolutely had to get. Because as we all know, they need to represent our family appropriately and when it comes down to it, I’d rather just deal with their attitudes before I have to hear parenting judgments from my elders.

So it was rough. Very rough. For me and for them.

But there was also watermelon. And we all know that watermelon makes the world a better place.

2014-07-05 18.02.48-1

But in a quite funny turn of events, there were two little worms. And that brought great humor as all three of attitudinal children who wear winter beanies in the summer, were now terrified of live worms they discovered while shucking corn on Saturday.

2014-07-04 19.45.22-1

And I realize that we live in the city (well, suburbs), but we embrace some aspects of county living. And shucking corn is one of them. And that’s what we call it. To use some official term related to corn husks just isn’t right.

By then we made it to Sunday, July 6! The kids donned some of their new gear and we headed to the annual church anniversary celebration for one of our churches. Yes, you read that correctly but that’s a post for another day.

We danced.


And played sports.


And took selfies.


2014-07-06 18.36.11


And had our first snow cones of the summer. I would tell you how many we actually had, but a certain 11-year-old in my house says that I don’t need to blog about everything. So we’ll save that for another day.

snow cones


And the best part of it all, FIREWORKS!



And we had a fabulous July 6th!

How was your Independence Day weekend?