What It’s Really Like to Take Your Kid to College

This time last week I was a wreck. A sleep-deprived, irritable, overwhelmed wreck. My oldest was caught in a flurry of child-like behaviors while simultaneously trying to assert his independence. My two youngest felt like they were losing their best friend. I couldn’t enjoy the final moments of living with him and them. See why I changed the name of the blog from My Life With Him and Them to Hey Twilli? 

Our lives were changing. The nest was starting to become empty. The first of my tribe was spending his final days with me at home, the second was caught in the anticipation that she will be in this situation next year, and the third was anxiously preparing for her departure two years after that. I never knew that taking one child to college would open the floodgates to everyone leaving, and yet it did.

My prayer partner warned me. My mother warned me. My cousins warned me. Even my ex-husband warned me.

“I’m fine. We’ll be fine. It’s all fine.” And I truly believed it when I said it.

Then all of a sudden, I wasn’t fine. Continue reading

Christie’s Moving…TODAY

Christie and I at my 40th birthday party last year.

Christie and I at my 40th birthday party last year.

I moved to Texas in 1995. One of the first people I met when I arrived is Christie. Since then, our friendship has grown from planning weddings to having babies, to sending our children to private schools and then public schools…and the list continues. We’ve planned birthday parties together, we’ve scrapbooked together, we’ve extreme couponed together, and now we are taking on a new challenge together.

She is moving to Central Texas. I live in North Texas. There’s a three hour drive between those two regions. And while I am excited because the Three Amigos and I have a new place to visit, I am trying not to be sad. Really I am. So I’m not going to talk about what I’m going to miss, I’m going to talk about what I’m gaining.

Her son starts high school in the fall. And he will be playing football. And since the infatuation with high school football in Texas is statewide, we will catch as many of his games as we can. I’m thinking at least two.

She’s keeping her job! Her job in Dallas, that is. That means that she’ll have to come up here for official work meetings and such. And when she comes, she will need a place to stay. I’m thinking at least once, that place needs to be my house. I’m just saying.

I’m thinking she’ll blog about her adventures. I like it when my real life friends also double as my blogging friends. And she is a blogger. So, we’ll all be able to read about life in Central Texas.

We’re connected by social media, texting, and internet word games.

But I still have that twinge. The little twinge that is going to miss her. The little twinge that hits me in my gut when I have to list an emergency contact on the kids’ school registration forms. Because she’s always been about 20-30 minutes away, and now she’s 3 hours away.

Ok…I can do this…we can do this….we can, right?