Let’s Talk About Homeschooling

I get a lot of emails about our decision to homeschool my oldest. Since I’m currently planning our curriculum for 8th grade, I spend a good portion of my evenings and weekends thinking about homeschool. And of course, thinking about it makes me want to talk about it to you.

In this episode, we will talk about the three things you need to do first when you are considering homeschooling. Click here to listen!



New Podcast: Instinct

Happy Monday! I need to tell you a secret. Podcasting tends to be a little easier for me than writing. So I when I realized that the only post I had on the blog last week was announcing the podcast about mental health , I wasn’t too shocked. Sometimes, I just like talking better than writing.

Today I’m talking about a new book that I just finished reading, and how using my instinct has definitely proven to have great benefits in my life.

You can listen to it here. Feel free to comment on this post about your own instinctive experiences.

Have a great day!



Are You Intentional With Studying the Bible?

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Today I want to talk about studying the bible. A few years ago, I started scheduling intentional time to spend reading my Bible. I was a little selfish in my study, though, because I would only read for topics related to whatever I thought I needed “biblical backup” on. And I don’t think that’s really fair, you know?

I have a friend who really studies the bible, and I asked him if I could interview him for the podcast this week. Of course he agreed and I learned a lot just in the 20 minutes of talking to him.

You can listen to the podcast here. Like I said, it’s only about 20 minutes but it is well worth it.

I’m always looking for people to feature in my intentional living podcasts. You don’t have to be perfect, just intentional! If you know of anyone (including yourself) who has a great story to tell, please send them my way! My email address is toni@toniwilliams.org.

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