How Did an Evil King Help Dissapate This Girl’s Cancer Fears?


 “I am pleased to tell you about the miracles and wonders the Most High God has done for me. “

Daniel 4:2

January has always been a difficult month. Post-holiday blues, wintry weather, financial recovery from the gift-giving season, and no planned time off for anyone in my family make it almost unbearable. Oftentimes, I just want to curl up under a blanket and hibernate until February arrives. 

One particular year, there was something else –a diagnosis of thyroid cancer in the month of January – that also had me preoccupied. However, when January was over, my feelings of doom and gloom were not. In fact, they were just beginning.  Continue reading

Morning Prayer

Lord, I come to you this morning simply thankful. I am thankful for the opportunity to start a fresh new day and the ministry of rest. I am thankful for the time I spend with You, especially the time that makes me not want to leave your active and engaged presence. Lord, I love You and I fervently chase You and Your Word. As I enter into a new day Lord, please remove any anxiety I may have about the things I must do from my heart, let me walk into everywhere I go with the confidence of knowing that I am going to accomplish Your will and be Your steward. Let the light I have for Jesus shine for all who come in contact with me, as I may be the only bit ofJesus someone sees today. Let I continue to be the light in the darkness for my colleagues, my friends, my family and my bosses. I love You Lord and I am grateful for You. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

The Best Time of the Day

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5:00 am

Every household has it and every family needs it. A time of the day where all of its residents are asleep or otherwise occupied (I have to say that disclaimer because #teenagers and their sleeping habits vary), and should you wake up, it’s thrilling to know that no one is physically or mentally able to look at you, talk to you, or expect anything from you.

Except God.

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Let’s Talk About the Ugly Cry

This post is part of series this summer dedicated to my friend Chrystal’s new book, She’s Still There. The book’s official release date is August 8, and as a member of the book’s Rescue Team, I will be posting nuggets of wisdom related to it throughout the summer. This post is all about the last time I did the ugly cry, which was not too long ago. To find out more about Chrystal or her new book, visit her website here. #shesstillthere

I’m learning to own my story and have the courage to speak up. Even if my voice shakes, His power is made perfect in my weakness. Even when I didn’t think I was ready to talk about something, I’m here to tell you all about it. And y’all, it’s ugly and raw, and while I knew I was going to write about it eventually, I didn’t know that was going to be this weekend. Here. We. Go. Continue reading