My Selfie

My friends are talented. They take these cool pictures of themselves in their cars and they look beautiful. And then I discovered that the photos they are taking are considered an art form in the social media photography world. And they are called selfies.

And so I wondered, what makes a good selfie? I scoured the internet for fun ideas and tried them on my own.

my selfie

1. Keep the focus on you. Obvious since it’s called a selfie. We don’t need the backseat and all that other stuff. Better yet, you could crop it so we really can’t tell where you are.

2. Keep practicing. My children and my students work on their selfie look all the time. I do not. But I need to keep practicing.

3. Use photo editing software. Lighting and color enhancements give you a professional look to your selfie. I use PicMonkey and it also also me to embed text on my photo if I want to. And it’s free.

4. Take the selfie using natural sunlight. The flash could cause extra glare and make you blink. Blinking in a selfie is not cool.

5. Remember to share. Put it on instagram, facebook, and twitter. You’re too pretty for others not to see it in their newsfeeds!

What do you think? Can you tell me your selfie photo tricks?

I Hate Scarves

It’s official. Scarves in summer do not work for me. I don’t care if I just had thyroid surgery. And I definitely don’t care if they are stylish.

Ya’ll remember when T1 was trying to get me to embrace jingly scarves, right? Well friends, it didn’t happen. I couldn’t get past the “Jiggle All The Way” feeling I had when I walked around the house. So I scoured the fashion blogs to see what I could come up with.

No one is writing about scarves this summer. Ya’ think?

So I googled, cool scarves for women, and here’s what I found:

patriotic scarf

I really like this one. And no, I wouldn’t be wearing it as a bandeau. However, because it’s the flag I’m wondering if there’s some sort of official flag protocol about this.

purple scarf

This one is beautiful. But I feel like the colors are for fall. I’m wearing a lot of brights this summer, and this wouldn’t go with a thing.


Oops…I forgot I was looking at neck scarves, not head scarves. But it is nice.


Really? I think not.

What do you think? Should I be embracing scarves this summer?