If This Lemon Could Talk

Hello. My name is Toni and I’m a mechanic. Well, not really but I had so many car problems within a three-month span last fall that I could have been a mechanic.

In case you were thinking that you missed something, car mechanics is not my passion, nor my special assignment from God, nor my calling. It was, however, a thorn in my side.

From July to October, my car stopped on three different highways in Dallas while I was driving. First it was the radiator, then it was the entire engine, then it was the radiator again, then the lock on the trunk refused to unlatch, eventually the microchip in the key that controls the ignition stopped working, and ultimately the transmission clip came loose but when it was supposedly fixed the car could no longer drive in reverse. Continue reading

Teens Coming of Age With Groupon Coupons


I am pleased to partner with Groupon Coupons. While this post is sponsored, all opinions are mine.

This is my baby, Tyra.

2016-04-16 19.59.31


This is Tyra at age 3.

2016-04-16 19.56.50

This is Tyra at age 14.

2016-04-30 10.39.40

This week, the 14-year-old version of that baby graduates from 8th grade and prepares for her grand foray into high school. Times have definitely changed since 1986 when I graduated from 8th grade. Back then, the graduation dress was simple and white,  I can remember playing the piano during the ceremony, and the highlight of the day was getting my autograph book signed by all my classmates. And obviously, wearing the largest framed glasses I could find.

8th grade for me.

Circa 1986 – check out the stand up collar.

Nowadays, there are two events on one night: the graduation and the formal dance , an outfit change (because the graduation is not formal but the dance is), and two different makeup applications.  Continue reading